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Top Ten Benefits of Natural Ruby Gemstone | Astrological benefits of Ruby

Fine Unheated Rubies from Mozambique from the Gemstoneuniverse collection of Fine Jyotish Gemstones

Top Ten Benefits of Natural Ruby Gemstone (Manikya Stone) | Astrological benefits of Ruby | Ruby Gemstone Effects


Natural ruby (Manikya Stone) is a precious gemstone that attracts almost all individuals. Its mystical powers and association with true and absolute luxury are legendary. Ruby gem also known as manik in Hindi, has been a much revered gemstone in Hinduism, for according to  Vedic astrology, Ruby is the gemstone of Sun, the king of the zodiac. Sun is the nurturer, the vital energy giver and the soul of the Kalpurusha. With its crimson hues, natural ruby is one of those few among the colored gemstones that can beat colorless diamonds in the value, hands down! Ruby is July birthstone in the Western tradition.

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